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Join Me at the Table

East St Louis Anti-Violence March

Join Me was thankful to be able to hand out child abuse prevention materials at the even on April 24th, 2021. Included in the material was a blue pinwheel, the symbol adopted by Prevent Child Abuse Illinois, and an info sheet with basic discipline strategies and free/low cost family activities.

April is Prevent Animal Cruelty month

In recognition, Join Me sent out packets to the veterinarians and animal hospitals in St Clair and Madison Counties, IL.  The packets included information on the connection between animal abuse and domestic violence, how to recognize the signs, and local/national resources to help. 

Presentation for SIVA

Caring for others has costs on the caregiver. Was proud to be accepted to present on the Cost of Caring Too Much. Given were strategies of taking care of YOU while it feels like the focus is always on others. Handouts distributed have been used in four agencies that attended, with permission.